Photos from Phan Rang Air Base, Vietnam (Spring, 1969)

Phan Rang Air Base looking to the Northeast (Runway 4)


Phan Rang Air Base looking to the Northwest

Phan Rang Air Base looking to the Southwest

View from the large hill "Nui Dat" (Larry Middleton Photo)

Awaiting another day on the flightline in front of barracks Q3 are (L to R) Barry Mohan,
Mark Brunton, Earl Wall (seated), Sid Fields, Jim Day, Larry Meadors, and David Antle (seated).

This was a familiar sign on the patio at the enlisted men's barracks.
The artist is unknown and the saying is best remembered by those who were there.

Bore-sighting mission near Cam Ranh Bay
(Larry Middleton Photo)

Squire Riley inspects a propeller on Acft. 938. Squire was the Flight Engineer
on Dick Morgan's crew.

Sid Fields prepares to refuel a Shadow gunship.

Major Don Horak displays a 71st SOS emblem to Harold Henderson of
Electro-Optical Systems, Inc.

Loading flares. (L. to R.) Mark Brunton, Larry Brooks, Sid Fields, Larry Middleton.

Damage to 71st SOS Operations building following mortar attack during
the night of February 21-22, 1969.

F-100 destroyed by direct mortar impact in cockpit (May 1969).

This photo was taken in May 1969 during a VIP visit to Phan Rang AB, RVN by M/Gen. Thomas E. Marchbanks, Jr., Chief Air Force Reserve, Hq. USAF, and his staff. The photo shows General Marchbanks shortly after awarding the Air Medal to SSgt. Paul Werner and Darrell Henderson (to Paul's right) for accomplishments during aerial flight.

Howard Johnson's Lodge at Phan Rang? (Dan Uland photo)


Enlisted barracks Q4 prior to Shadow's arrival, 15 Feb 1969 (Larry Middleton photo)

Another view of barracks Q4. Note base alert siren mounted between power poles. (Larry Middleton photo)