"B" Flight, Phan Rang(Happy Valley) Memorabilia

Photographs, anecdotes, sound clips, and other items of interest that document the
71st SOS and
Phan Rang Air Base: 15 Feb - 5 June, 1969

'The Shadow' arrives at Phan Rang | Individual Flight Crew Photos

Group photo of flight crew members #1 | Group photo of flight crew members #2

Group photo, flightline maintenance crew | Miscellaneous Phan Rang photos

Phan Fare, The Happy Valley Weekly, 5 Apr 1969

Phan Fare, The Happy Valley Weekly, 24 Apr 1969

Phan Fare, The Happy Valley Weekly, 1 May 1969

Phan Rang Manning Roster, Spring 1969

Mike Vogel's 315th CAMS web site. (Many more photos of Phan Rang, 1968-69.)

Phan Rang Air Base was the target of frequent mortar attacks in the spring of 1969. The following sound clips were recorded one evening by the webmaster. A Shadow gunship of the 71st SOS was taking off near midnight when the base began receiving incoming mortar rounds. The warning siren sounded during the Shadow's take-off. Immediately following the warning siren, the base's Disaster Response Operations Center(DROC) placed the base under "Red Option One" inwhich all personnel are to take cover. About 15 minutes following the initial attack, the DROC issued a second alert announcement. After the base was deemed 'safe', Security Alert Condition Yellow was announced, and personnel returned were allowed to return to normal duties. The AC-119G gunships would frequently fly 'cover' around their home bases following mortar attacks.

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