"The Shadow" Calling Card

The Shadow calling card evolved from the efforts of SSgt Alvin Reynolds. Al was an Aerial Gunner who flew with Major Jack Morgan's crew out of Nha Trang.

"While at Nha Trang waiting for the AC-119s to arrive in country, I got hold of a Spooky Calling Card from someone that I flew with on AC-47s. I thought it would be neat to borrow the idea and have it reprinted to reflect The Shadow. Having done this, I wrote to a long time family friend and editor of my home town newspaper in Boise City, OK, and asked if he would print some for me." "He sent back a sample for confirmation of the design, words, etc., and asked for any changes I wanted. About a month later, along came 1,000 business cards, but no bill! When I inquired into what I owed for the services, he wrote back No Charge!" "I only picked up on someone's original idea. I can not begin to remember who might have had the original idea in the Spooky organization!"

Al handed out many cards to other squadron members and acquaintances at social gatherings, clubs, etc..

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