AC-119G Successor Units to the 71st SOS

17th SOS, 14th SOW,
Regular Air Force
1 June 1969 - 30 Sept 1971

819th Attack Squadron, 53rd Tactical Wing,
5th Air Division, Vietnamese Air Force (VNAF) 
30 Sept 1971 - 30 April 1975

Development of the Fixed Wing Gunships | AC-119G Successor units of the 71st SOS

Selection and Activation Chronology of the 71st  | Detailed Activation Description, by Col. James E. Pyle

Development of the "Shadow" Graphic, by Phil Bender | Development of the "Shadow" Calling Card by Al Reynolds

Lineage of the 71st | Flight Crew Roster, Mar 1969 | 71st SOS Mission in Review | Guest Book

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