The Ferry Mission: St.Augustine, FL to Nha Trang, Vietnam

First Ferry Crew to depart Lockbourne AFB, Ohio 6 Dec 1968.
(L to R) Navigator Maj. Franz Schmucker, C/P Capt. Dick Rudkin, Pilot Major Roxy Rupe, Crew Chief Sgt. Ron Cross, F/E Earl McDaniel.

Major Richard E. Morgan, Ferry Crew #22
Ferry Crew #22 picks up aircraft #52-5942 at St. Augustine, FL on 27 December 1968.
(L to R) Capt. William R. Casey, CoPilot; SSgt. Paul K. Goen, Crew Chief; Major Richard E. Morgan, Pilot;SSgt. Squire Riley, Flight Engineer; Lt.Col. William H. Woolard, Navigator

Preheating engines and cabin of Acft. 925 in the foreground, and an unidentified AC-119G in the background. Ground temperature was -10° F at Elmendorf AFB, Ankorage, Alaska on 13 Jan 1969.

Naval Air Station at Adak Island on the Aleutian Chain of Alaska.

Anderson AFB, Guam 

Nha Trang Air Base, Republic of South Vietnam. (22 Jan 1969)