Active Duty Chronology of the 71st SOS

 11 Apr 68
  • 930th Tactical Airlift Group (TAG) of the Continental Air Command (CONAC) and 71st Tactical Airlift Squadron (TAS) received 30 day notice of call-up to active duty.

 13 May 68

  • 930th TAG/71st TAS reported for active duty at Bakalar AFB, IN. Eighteen C-119G Aircraft, 83 Officers, 254 Airmen, Total 337 Reservists affected.

 11 Jun 68

  •  71st TAS moved to Lockbourne AFB, Columbus, Ohio.

 15 Jun 68

  •  71st TAS redesignated 71st Air Commando Squadron(ACS).

 8 Jul 68

  • 71st ACS redesignated 71st Special Operations Squadron(SOS) (entire Air Commando Command was redesignated to Special Operations).
Summer 68
  • Transitioned from C-119G cargo configuration to AC-119G Gunships. Flight crew augmentation, combat training, ground maintenance training at LAFB.

 27 Nov 68

  •  Deputy Defense Sec'y Nitze approves deployment of 71st SOS to South Vietnam.

 5 Dec 68

  •  First two AC-119G Gunships depart Lockbourne AFB for Nha Trang, Vietnam.

 20 Dec 68

  •  71st SOS assigned to 14th Special Operations Wing, Nha Trang.

 5 Jan 69

  •  First Combat mission flown out of Nha Trang.

 29 Jan 69

  •  Last AC-119G departs Lockbourne AFB for Vietnam.

Feb 69

  •  Forward Operation Locations (FOLs) established at Phan Rang AB and Tan Son Nhut AB(Saigon).

 1 Mar 69

  •  All 18 AC-119Gs safely in South Vietnam.

 11 Mar 69

  •  71st SOS declared C-1 Combat Ready status.

 5 Jun 69

  •  71st SOS Reservists depart Nha Trang, Vietnam for Indiana.

 6 Jun 69

  •  71st SOS Reservists arrive at Bakalar AFB, Columbus, IN.

 18 Jun 69

  •  71st SOS Reservists released from active duty.

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