The AC-119 Gunship Association Reunion VI at Ft. Walton Beach is history. As always, it was an outstanding event thanks to the huge efforts by Gus Sininger and Norm Evans. The weather was ideal and the camraderie among fellow gunshippers was as strong as ever.

Front Row, L to R: Phil Wheatley, Larry Middleton, LeRoy Frahm, Jack Bastin, Earl Wall, and Jim Alvis.
Back Row, L to R: Ronald Warner, Mailen Thomas, Owen Stickles, and Bernie Westendorf. Bob Eckstein and Tom Jump arrived too late to be included in the photograph.   (Robert Alexander Photography)

Jack Bastin, Owen 'Dale' Stickles, and Bernie Westendorf

Mauri and Nancy Ray and Jack Bastin

Carol Bastin, Dixie Wall, Earl Wall, and Judi Alvis

LeRoy and Rose Frahm, Larry and Bonnie Middleton

Lourie and Phil Wheatley, LeRoy and Rose Frahm

Memorial service at Hurlburt Air Park

2005-06 Gunship Association President Wayne Laessig
conducts the memorial service. Note the new 71st flag on the right.

Jim Terry (L) poses with survivors at memorial service.

Bill Petrie (L) and Gus Sininger (R) unveil the newly dedicated AC-119K memorial.

Members remember our POW/MIA brothers.

Gus Sininger and Bill Petrie are recognized for their outstanding efforts toward the
success of the AC-119 gunship Association for the past five years.

Brigadier General Henry C. (Heinie) Aderholt was the honored guest speaker at the banquet.
The highly decorated General served a distinguished military career from WW II through 1975.
He described his experiences and provided a very interesting appraisal of the current state of affairs.

Earl Wall won the auction for special challenge coin #71.

The AC-119 Gunship Association had challenge Coins struck for every reunion attendee. The 39mm (1.5") diameter coins recognize the three Special Operations Squadrons. A limited number of silver highlighted and numbered coins were auctioned at the Saturday evening banquet. The auction was very successful, and will be repeated at the 2006 reunion at Albuquerque, NM.