71st Special Operations Squadron
Organizational Structure
Spring, 1969

 Commander  Lt. Col. James E. Pyle
 Deputy Commander  Lt. Col. Richard E. Knie
 Operations Officer  Lt. Col. Warren L. Johnson
"A" Flight Commander  Lt. Col. Russel A. O'Connell
"B" Flight Commander  Lt. Col. William E. Long
 "C" Flight Commander  Lt. Col. Donald E. Beyl
 Executive Officer  Lt. Col. William L. Horrell
Administrative Officer  Major Duane C. Oberg
First Sergeant  MSgt. Harold W. Peach Sr.
 Aircraft Maintenance Officer Major Kenneth B. Richardson,
Captain Edwin C. Humphrey
 Flying Safety Officer Major Clyde Sherrill
 Ground Safety Officer  Major Herbert H. C. Zumhingst
 Munitions Safety Officer Major Wallace H. Minnett 
 Stand/Eval Officer  Major Herman A. Heuss
 Flight Manuals Control Officer  Major Tommy C. Peterson
 Security Officer Captain James A. Brauer
 Disaster Preparedness Officer  Major Jerome J. Rice
 Supply Officer  Major Richard J. Long
 Mobility Officer  Captain Gerald G. Aiken
 Information Officer  Major Jack H. Morgan
 Squadron Historian  Captain William J. Scanlan
 Awards & Decorations Monitor  Captain Jack L. Halsey
 Asst. Awards & Decor. Monitor  Major Jack H. Morgan
 Civic Actions Officer  Captain Frederick W. Harwood
 Civic Actions NCO  SSgt. Harold Morgan
 Weapons Control Officer  Captain Gerald G. Aiken
 Weapons Control NCO  SSgt. Donald K. Somerville
 OIC/OJT Officer  Captain Thomas W. Wood
 NCOIC/OJT (aircrew)  SSgt. Jack R. Ragsdale
 NCOIC/OJT (non-aircrew)  SMSgt. Hubert C. Schopmeyer
 COMSEC/TRANSEC Officer  Captain Bobbie B. Evatt

 Squadron and "A" Flight (Nha Trang)
 Asst. Operations Officer  Lt.Col. John W. Lewis
 Scheduling Officer  Lt. Col. Boris C. Chaleff
 Asst. Scheduling Officer  Major Maurice E. Ray
 OIC Navigation Section  Lt. Col. Vincent J. Pacer
 NCOIC Flight Engineer Section  MSgt.Buddy R. Byler
 NCOIC Illuminator Section MSgt. Clarence McDaniel
 NCOIC Aerial Gunner Section  MSgt. Jackie G. McGinnis
 Training Officer  Major Norman D. Reid
 Life Support Officer Major Don W. Stone
 Crew Infor. File Monitor  Major Ralph V. Harrell Jr.
 Operations Specialist  TSgt. James E. Steele

 "B" Flight (Phan Rang)
 Operations Officer  Lt. Col. Earl W. Scott
 Administrative Officer  Captain Brian L. Akers
 First Sergeant  SMSgt. Richard L. Ash
 Safety Officer  Lt. Col. Frank J. Rostowski
 Explosive Safety NCO SSgt. Leonard W. Swallom
 Weapons Control Officer  Captain Michael R. Kiely
 Weapons Control NCO  TSgt. Richard M. Williams
 Awards & Decorations Prog. Monitor  Major Robert N. Millhaem
 Flight Navigator  Lt. Col. William H. Woolard
 Training Officer Major William H. Morris
 Asst. Training Officer  Captain Melvin B. Hayes
 NCOIC Flight Engineer Section  MSgt. Owen D.Stickles
 NCIOC Illuminator Oper. Section  MSgt. Robert L. Xanders
 NCOIC Aerial Gunner Section  TSgt. Norman B. Martin
 Vehicle Control NCO  SSgt. Leonard W. Swallom

 "C" Flight, (Tan Son Nhut)
 Operations Officer  Lt. Col. Robert S. Mulgrew
 Asst. Operations Officer  Lt. Col. Burl G. Campbell
 Scheduling Officer  Major Thomas H. Cougill
 Asst. Scheduling Officer  Major Stephen E. Berchelman
 Navigation and Plans Officer  Major Tommy D. Stevens
 Asst. Navigation and Plans Officer  Captain William R. Joyce
 Flying Safety Officer  Captain Darwin A. Bell
 Asst. Flying Safety Officer  Captain Erich M. Voester
 Ground Safety Officer  Captain Darwin A. Bell
 Explosive Safety Officer  Captain John M. McGary
 Maintenance Officer  Major George R. Van Dyke
 Materiel Officer  Lt. Col. Sid E. Petty
 Transportation Officer  Captain William H. Hamilton
 Security Officer  Captain Edward D. Frease
 Information Officer  Captain Howard E. Mangin
 Disaster Preparedness officer  Captain John I. Parish
 Asst. Information Officer  Major Gene R. Tippy
 Awards & Decorations Prog. Monitor  Captain William C. Baker
 Civic Actions Officer  Captain Mortimer J. Hall
 R & R Program Monitor  Major Tommy D. Stevens
 Weapons Control Officer  Captain John M. McGary
 Training Officer  Captain William R. peterson
 Life Support Officer  Major Gene R. Tippy
 Flight Manuals Control Officer  Capt. Eugene D. Schaltenbrand
 Crew Info. File Monitor  Capt. Eugene D. Schaltenbrand
 Mission Recorder Control Officer  Captain William H. Hamilton
 Billeting Officer  Major Paul R. Maxwell
 Asst. Awards & Decorations Officer  Captain Robert R. Reess

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